Reverend Frost Pollitt

Slowly but surely adding new information

Posted by on Jul 13, 2014

Last night I finally found Rev. Charles W. Pullett and his wife, Frances, son Charles Frost Pullett, his Beatrice, and their three children in Philadelphia.  The census had it down as Pullit but the Ancestry transcriber wrote Pullis.  I put in a correction. That is one feature I like about Ancestry in that you can correct transcription errors so that others can find things better.

Rev. Charles Wesley Pullett and his family were listed as living on April 1, 1940 in a house he owned at 2244 Twenty First Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His occupation was listed as Minister, Evangelist.  This was an interesting title for a Methodist preacher but befits his lineage as the grandson of the Rev. Frost Pollitt, a founding member of the Delaware Conference and first appointed President of the Missionary Society.

The technique that I used to find Rev. Charles Wesley Pullett was that of an Advanced Search as the primary searches for him came up without good results.  I searched for his grandaughter, Marlene Frances Pullett and selected Female for her to weed out males, removed her married name, to only get Pullett as a surname then altered that for a wildcard search as Pul*.  That returns any result with a combination such as Pullett, Pulter, Pullis, Pullot, Pulner, etc.