Reverend Frost Pollitt

Special Events

The first Rev. Frost Pollitt Memorial Lecture at Salisbury University is now set for Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Wicomico Room, in the Guerrieri Center at Salisbury University.  Are all are welcome to attend this free event.

The guest lecturer, Rev. David W. Brown, author of Freedom Drawn From Within: A History of the Delaware Annual Conference, presents the inaugural lecture, “‘This is My Story; this is my Song’:  Connecting the Shared History of African Americans in United Methodism”  from the Rev. Frost Pollitt Memorial Endowment at the Salisbury University Foundation, co-sponsored by the Fulton School and the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture.  Brown will discuss the history of the Delaware Annual Conference for African American Methodist Churches in the Mid-Atlantic States, which covered the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, and parts of New Jersey, founded in 1864.

The inaugural lecture is the first of an annual series on Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Delmarva African American History created in memory of the Rev. Frost Pollitt, an itinerant African American preacher first with the all –White Philadelphia Conference and later as a founding member of the Delaware Conference. Frost was born a slave most likely on a Worcester County, Maryland plantation owned by William Pollitt.  William Pollitt died in 1816 and freed Frost’s parents who became Methodists. More research about the Rev. Frost Pollitt, his ministry, and his family can be found on this website. The last known Frost Pollitt Day was held in 1967 at Mt Calvary Methodist Church in Fruitland.

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